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There is no such thing as a cautious creative.  

And yet, in these politically correct, click-bait times, creatives are too often stifled by their fear of offending someone or making a mistake.

It's tempting to try to please everyone.  But impossible.  The key to effective creative is to find an audience with a story worth telling and broadcast that story in as raw a way as possible.  In order to have the big idea, the brain must be free. 

It's easy to forget that the more personal the message, the more relatable it is.  The more daring, the more shareable by those who care.

God will not have his work made manifest by cowards.

Standing for something real takes courage, because there will be negative feedback from those who are not drawn in.  But the people of this country are crying out for something different.  Many don't even know it, but will know it when they see it. 

They are sick of contrived, politically correct fluff and tired of watching smug, self-promoting, generic, shiny committee-created nonsense.  They are fatigued by fear and the status quo.  The people are drowning and we can sell them oxygen, because the truth is oxygen and there is truth in every brand.

Other than fearlessness (clearly demonstrated above) being the source of creativity - why should you employ a Polytechnic 'educated', meandering example of corporate mediocrity - someone who's been trapped in the wrong career for over a decade (check my CV on the next page) and who's greatest achievement to date is turning a public toilet into a florist, then selling it at a loss?
  1. Because he knows real people - some of whom even voted for Brexit - and who buy things that companies make?
  2. Because he's a practitioner - who can design and execute ideas as well as come up with them?
  3. Because he developed his work ethic before millennials became annoying Instagram people?
  4. All of the above?
Avant-gard creatives from top posh art schools may well be able to win you awards, but can they really get inside the mind of the average Britain?  Do they understand the hopes, dreams and objections of the people so as to sell them stuff?  Graduates from top Universities have fancy pieces of paper - but do they have the daring attitude that unstifles the mind and unlocks the big idea - or are they too locked into the fear?

What could you expect from hiring Ben Spiller? 
  • Endless comments about how your ego is destroying your life
  • A* dating advice
  • Constant brainstorming attempts
  • He once went viral in 2009 and won't shut up about it
  • Daily John Lewis Christmas ad concepts complete with slowed down versions of famous songs
  • Strategy ideas such as - 'let's create the most expensive XXXX of all time and document the journey'
  • Attempts to find an investor for his tray idea
  • Avant-gard ideas
  • Win awards!
What are industry experts saying about Ben Spiller?
SEVEN reasons to employ Ben Spiller
  • Understands the mindset of the British people, how they really think and what gets them going
  • marketing and business are his only hobbies
  • Has Adobe CC and other design and editing software which can help convey my ideas and create mood boards
  • Experience with social media and digital marketing strategy as well as traditional media - so will be able to nuance campaigns according to their channel
  • Lots of experience with analysis - can measure the things that need measuring and use the data to refine campaigns and come up with related ideas
  • Understands the hallmarks of branding, storytelling, persuasion and vitality - the keys to unlock successful brand campaigns
  • Believes that the key to creativity is lots of research and and un-stifled brain.
FREE GIFT WITH INTERVIEW (Which you can keep even if I don't get a job)
I will bring to the interview  my A4 pamphlet 'Ten bullet points of information that will change your life', which includes:
  • A simple hack that works in all interactions (but especially on first dates) which ENERGIZES you every time you get a negative comment
  • The little known process - developed by a Harvard Professor - that creates creativity - it will give you ideas for hooks that lead to effective marketing concepts
  • The simplest template blueprint (used by Disney scriptwriters) to create great stories for your brands - just fill in the blanks
  • My list of the five greatest quotes of all time - including, my personal favourite: "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail' (great for opening up emails with).

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