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Current Projects:


I am trying to build up an Instagram following by creating poetry from self-development concepts.
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Realising a gap in the market for high quality canvas prints of local images (I had become very bored with New York Skyline after New York Skyline), I set up .

Public Toilet into Kiosk

I bought the below unit (a former public toilet) from Nottinghamshire Council and converted it into a Kiosk.  It is currently rented out by a local florist.


One-handed, handled tray wine hanger that fits onto a wine bottle. Turns into a table.  And a sword and shield.


Inspired by someone replying with 'beer' when I asked what drink they wanted (at work) Mugins is a range of exciting heat-reactive mugs; designed and printed by myself.

Amazon Kindle publishing: 

The introduction of Amazon Kindle led to new and exciting opportunities. I started a publishing company which - through word of mouth alone - has become a successful enterprise, featuring 4 (including my postman!) authors, selling over 300 copies a month.  The below link takes you to my father's work.  One of his books, 'Pilot Error' was at the time of writing, the 29th best selling war fiction e-book in the UK. .  

My father and I then felt - seeing as we were such experts - that we should write an e-book
 about writing e-books.

YouTube Video
1/100 Americans have seen my Motivational Video (over 2.3 million views)!  I make money from it and have had emails from people telling me it has changed their life!  The video's success is an insight into my ability to develop, implement and grow my projects. .  

(The video is currently offline as it contains footage of the Olympic Games - something that has recently been prohibited by The Olympic Commission).

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